Teaching Kendal to Sew

My granddaughter Kendal asked me to teach her to sew. She used my scissors to cut polar fleece and she used my serger to hem the edge. Polar fleece doesn’t fray so it doesn’t need a hem, but it was good practice for her. She is 4 in these pictures. I had her sit on my lap and guide the fabric through the machine as I ran the foot pedal and made sure we didn’t sew any little fingers. She had a lot of fun!



Stephen King: ‘On Writing’ A Memoir of the Craft

Fireflies and Cottonwood

This New York Times best seller will never leave my library. I’ve read it twice. I’ve dog-eared several pages that give me inspiration. I’m not a big scary book, or scary movie fan. I haven’t read a lot of Stephen King books. I have watched a few of movies based on his books, but never alone. And I usually come away with less finger nails than I had going into it.  That said… this book and the way King talks about the process of writing and where to find inspiration appeals to me. His rule: “Write a lot and read a lot.”

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